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The philosophy of F. Davies

A modern American philosopher     1953 - present

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Stone cold logic.
Derived from the burning minds of ancient men.
A means by which we fortell the future.
A method to analize past and present.

If you have not yet learned this logic of old,
then you are here to soon.
There is no tool to replace it.
Those without it are only guessing.

Logic makes art of science, and science of art.
Logic is among the subjects which should be taught first.
Logic is the simplest of arithmetic.
Logic is the difference between correct and incorrect reasoning.

Philosophy is the love of science.
This writing (entitled Philosophy) is an examination of many subjects:
language, art, science, religion, cosmology, music, government and economics.
This is an artistic expression of my opinions, not stone cold logic.

I begin this writing, as the third millenium dawns. The past several centuries have seen mankind develope a societial infrastructure based upon new technologies. I have watched as we first walked upon the moon and developed the electronic micro circuit. Before me, the world has become one place through communication systems.

All this, brought on by our understanding of the laws of nature. It should be a comfort to know that we are able to percieve these laws of nature. They do seem to exist (in an abstract sense) as truth. Generations before have defined them in human terms (languages) and passed this knowlege on.

I ask that you pass your knowlege, skills, and compasion on as well. I am not trying to predict the future, but believe the world is in grave danger and will need the aid of humans to survive, just as we too need it for our survival.

Perhaps we can move to space for our own survival, but some (most) will be left to tend the earth. Our population is huge and displacing the other creatures. We are compasionate in many respects, yet, are causing great hardship for the life around us as we claim more of the resources.

I have always been a bit disturbed by the notion that we must kill living things to live. (I am refering to the plants as well as meat.) Most ambulatory living things do consume others. Why has this come to be I have wondered. More, can we correct it?


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