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SuperString Theory
(Sub atomics.)


(The mind.)

Philosophy Links

The Philosophers' Web Magazine

Philosophy Now Online

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
James Feisers' reference site

The Philosophy Pages
Mostly in German, but with many English links.

Philosophy Departments within the University of London

Birkbeck College

Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science

Heythrop College

King's College London

University College London


The British Society for the Philosophy of Science

Technoscience: Society for the Social Study of Science

Association for the Foundations of Science, Language and Cognition

Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science

Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science

The Forum for European Philosophy

History of Science Society

American Philosophical Association's apaONLINE. The main professional organisation of philosophers in the US. Arguably the center of philosophy in the Web. Some information is now reserved for Subscribers via the APA Member services.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Includes the Timeline of Western Philosophy and the Philosophy Text Collection.

Tufts University's Perseus Project Homepage. The Perseus digital library provides a variety of resources on the ancient world. Now offering Platform Independent Perseus 2.0 for Mac® and Windows®. This is the future of online scholarship. 

Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop. Philosophy with a sense of humour. See especially: Various '-ism's.

The Bertrand Russell Archives at McMaster University. Everything you ever wanted to know about the late, great British philosopher. Includes the Bertrand Russell Archives Catalogue Entry and Retrieval System, BRACERS, a database of some 64,000 correspondence records., text of the 32-volume Encyclopedia Britannica. The site also offers the text of many quality magazines, a directory of websites connected to topics in the encyclopedia, and the Books in Print database.

The Philosopher's Gallery. Portraits of famous philosophers grouped by nationality. Part of the University of Waterloo's excellent philosophy site. Follow this link for a list of philosophy galleries elsewhere on the WWW.

The Metaphysics Research Lab at Stanford University. Virtual home for an axiomatic theory of abstract objects and relations.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Philosophy at the University of Bristol. Indispensable resource.


The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

International Studies in the Philosophy of Science



Philosophy of Science

Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society


The Karl Popper Web
The Popper Project
Karl-Popper Sammlung (in German)

The Ernest Gellner Resource Site

The Paul Feyerabend Forum

Imre Lakatos

Religious Links

Center For Healing And Spiritual Renewal.
Center For Healing And Spiritual Renewal.

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